We lend money against moveables like vehicles, trucks, caravans, boats and aircraft. We safely store the assets and you pay us a monthly fee. When you have paid our capital back and our fees, we release the asset back to you.


This fantastic product allows you to lend money against a fully paid up car, truck caravan or motorbike and still drive it!


We lend money against an unbonded and unencumbered property that is not privately owned. It must be in the name of a company.


We lend money against Gold and jewellery. We also buy gold jewellery. We specialize in broken gold and Kruger rands.

What is…

How do you unlock Asset Wealth? Its easy with First Advance!

Firstly, you need to own an asset outright; like a car, truck, motorbike, boat, caravan, earthmoving equipment or a farm vehicle. Once you have this, we can look at a Pawn and drive deal for you. Pawn your car and still drive it South Africa, is an easy fast and safe method of lending money. We are in all the major cities in South Africa, such as Benoni, Boksburg, Centurion, East Rand, Edenvale, Johannesburg, Kempton Park Pretoria and Sandton. If you need cash quickly, one of our helpful consultants is ready to assist!


You need a fully paid up vehicle. Then you need to contact us and arrange a meeting. We will need the following from you;

  • Vehicles Papers
  • Copy of Drivers license
  • 6 months bank statements
  • Proof of residence

We then meet you, value the vehicle, put a Tracker in. We pay you out and you drive away!

 That’s how you get a Loan against your car papers!

Why sweat when you need Cash Fast??


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Benefits of…

The biggest benefit is you get a Loan and still get to drive or use your Asset. Its not like a Pawn deal where you have to leave your car as security. You get to keep it!

No more sweating to get the bank to approve a loan. Our commitment is fast and efficient service. We get the deal done discreetly and quickly.

We understand that everyone has issues with money in life. With First Advance when your issues are over we give you back your vehicle papers and everything carries on the way it was!



Can I Pawn and Drive a Caravan or earthmoving equipment?

Yes you can! Lots of satisfied clients loan money using these types of vehicles. As long as its fully paid up we can do a Loan for you!

Is Pawn and drive risky?

No Pawn and Drive is not risky. Unlike Pawn you get to keep the vehicle in your possession, so you do not have to worry someone is going to sell it or damage it. All you need to do is pay our monthly interest and fees. When you are ready to pay us back our loan you get the vehicles papers back.



At First Advance we are fully committed to helping you! As a director of First advance whether you are in any other part of South Africa or near me in Johannesburg, my commitment is to get a loan for you on your Asset! At First Advance we give you the chance to pawn your car and still drive it in South Africa. No other company does this legally in South Africa.


First Advance offers all its clients the best deals in Southern AfricaWe tailor make each and every deal to suit you! We will match or better any deal you bring to us! T&Cs apply. We guarantee the best Price!

We are the biggest Asset Lending Company in the Southern Hemisphere. Our directors have been doing business in South Africa and neighbouring states for the last 25 years. We have the experience to help and advise you.


We will match or better any deal as long as the client brings us written and legitimate proof of another deal from a reputable vendor. First Advance has the right to vet the other Vendors deal and decide whether to match or better the deal.



Contact us or complete the online application form and we will call you to begin the process.


We quickly assess the asset(s) that you intend to put up as collateral to determine the loan amount available to you.


Upon approval immediate payment is made via EFT allowing you instant access to the funds you need urgently. No red tape, no delays!


We have professional consultants in all major cities in Southern Africa ready to see to your needs.

Our Johannesburg head office will make sure you qualify for your asset loan and all paperwork will be sent to them.

An appointment will be made to hand over the asset as surety with your local consultant. Your consultant will meet you at a convenient time and place. He will verify your documents and take your vehicle or asset to a secure and secure storage facility. Your asset will also be insured during the period that we hold it as security. You will be paid as soon as the asset is in our safekeeping.


  • Most experienced consultants in Southern Africa
  • Total privacy
  • Speedy loan process
  • Best deals, best prices paid
  • Safe and secure
  • Cash or EFT payouts

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I had huge problems with the bank and my house was going to be repossessed. I am a qualified attorney and not even that qualification could save this from happening. First Advance rapid and easy process allowed me to extend the period of time I had to negotiate with the banks and ultimately meant I didn’t lose the house. I will always be grateful and recommend them to anyone.

Joanne Mcbride

074 965 4990, Family and Civil Attorney

Buying a house cash is one thing. Renovating it is another! The cost of finishing my house was just too much and I had to move quickly or it was going to cost me paying rent where I was. Getting a Loan on my property which I could use as an access facility helped me tremendously.

Malcolm Chetty

079 058 7949, Fibre Optic Cable Specialist

Bom dia, Business is tough in Mozambique. Banks don’t like to lend money and the process take much long time.

First Advance helped me buy stock for my catering Company and allowed my first wedding event to happen successfully!


Tigo Arcelio Moreira

+258 84 546 6539, Maputo-Motola


Email Us: info@firstadvance.co.za

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Email Us: info@firstadvance.co.za

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