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We enable you to raise cash against your fully paid up vehicle or asset in a discreet and speedy process. You can get paid within hours. We pay you via EFT, however if you want hard cash we can help you too. (T&C’s apply)

Asset loans are awesome for unlocking cash value without having to sell the asset. It’s a far quicker method than applying for a traditional loan at the bank. Asset loans allow a hassle free application method with immediate results, that is 100% safe. These transactions are also called Car Title Pawn or just Pawn deals.

We don’t just pawn cars, we pawn anything with wheels. We also pawn the following for you: motorcycle, bakkie, caravan, boat or trucks. Even the bigger equipment like a: front end loader, excavator, dump truck, tractor and an airplane.

We have been giving short term loans to individuals and companies for over 25 years. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for.

Who is First Advance?

The Directors of First Advance are Financiers that have been involved in doing transactions into Africa for over 25 years. From financing fish factories in Kitwe Zambia to lending money against wild animals in Hoedspruit South Africa, we have done it all.

We never stop trying to help you if you want to borrow money. We know what its like when you urgently need money for personal or business use. We know how hard it can be with banks, institutions and family not willing to help.

Each deal we do is unique and specific. We have to weigh up the risk factors, and we always try and give you the best deal!

All our deals are strictly confidential and we offer the utmost safety and security when dealing with your assets.

  • Totally transparent fee structure
  • Flexible repayment options
  • No credit checks
  • No restriction on the use of funds
  • No long waiting periods for loan approval
  • Cash available from R50 000 to R5 million

I had an embarrassing situation where I needed 20k urgently. My wife was not to find out. First Advance was the only place that allowed this to happen for me.



I have a lot of asset wealth however I had a cash pinch where I desperately needed 300k. First Advance sorted me out quickly and looked after my beautiful BMW M3 until I was ready to repay them.



A once in a lifetime business opportunity came my way. I didn’t have the cash to get on board. First Advance helped me in a discreet and friendly way to unlock my vehicles value and allow me to access the cash I needed to make my dream come true.





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