Pawn My Car

Pawning your car is a very easy and cost effective way of releasing cash from your vehicle without selling it!

Pawning your car has been around for 100s of years and is the easiest way to unlock cash on your moveable asset

At First Advance we are here to offer you the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to pawn your car. This is also referred to as “Lend and Park”.

Pawning your car or Lend and Park is also much cheaper than the Lend and Drive option. Its approx. 50% cheaper!! Also we don’t require nearly as much documentation to qualify for a loan as Lend and Drive. And we offer far bigger loans on the Pawn my car option.


To Start the Lend and Park Process:

All we need you to send us via whatsapp is this;

1) Clear Pictures of your car inside and out
2) Your registration document RC1
3) Mileage
4) Your ID

We will then check the trade value of your vehicle and come back to you immediately with an amount we can loan you. We will also give you a great monthly rate. And if you can get a better rate anywhere else we will match it!

You will then take your car and your papers and ID to our safe yard in the East Rand or in Midrand. One of our colleagues will check the car and then let you sign our contract. You will then be paid immediately afterward.

Please understand that the vehicles will be stored in our safe yard under shade cloth. If you have a high net worth vehicle it will be stored in a safe underground facility.

You have a year to pay us and you can settle at any time. When you do settle it will be a pro rata payment you will have to make, unless its your first month. When you do settle the full capital amount lent to you is repayable.
Also if you unable to pay us and we are forced to sell your vehicle we will reimburse you any money left over after we have recovered our costs!

So come on in! We have hundreds of happy customers who use our professional services knowing they can trust us with they’re vehicles.

Lend and Park
Lend and Park
lend and park
Lend and Park