Loan Against my Property

Lending against property is a great way of releasing sizable amounts of cash to help your situation. In order to get a loan on your house or property and still own it, the property must be fully paid up (no bond, No encumbrances). This is a great way of unlocking cash for your house or property, especially if the property market is depressed and selling it is not an option. We have done deals worth over 10 million Rands. You may also be interested in our other services; Asset Lending, Lend & Drive, Bridge Finance Loans and Pawn my Truck.


There are a few conditions if you want to raise cash on your house or property and still own it:


  • Property has to be worth over R400 000 (Rands)
  • Minimum loan of R50 000
  • The property must be in a company or trust or you must be a director or owner of a company.  
  • Maximum repayment on loans for property or a loan for your house is 12 months (can be structured up to 3 years)
You can apply for a cash loan for property online or call us to apply. We offer a safe and secure way to get cash for your house or property and still own it. 


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Visit First Advance Today to Get an Approved Loan Against Your Property

For the past twenty-five years, First Advance has been helping its customers in South Africa lend money against their assets. The company is made up of a group of directors who are financers that have years of experience when it comes to performing transactions that involve borrowing money for personal or business use. Read more below to find out how our company can help you get a loan against your property in South Africa. 


How Do I Get a Loan Against My Property?

Sometimes we may find ourselves in a situation where we need a sizable amount of money to relieve us from our current situation. Taking out a loan against your property with First Advance means that you can get access to the funds that you need and still have full ownership of your home. 

This type of loan is one in which your home is used as collateral for a loan to a company rather than an individual. A loan will be registered against your unbonded property by First Advance. The loan might be used to provide a cash infusion to your company.

It is really simple and easy to apply for a loan against your property with us. Start the application process with us today and get accepted and paid within hours. 

Getting cash for your asset, such as a house, is a terrific method to increase your chances of getting the cash value of your house without having to sell it. It’s a lot faster than going to the bank and applying for a regular loan. We have a simple application process for our clients to follow with instant results that are completely secure. 


Why Should You Use Our Services? 

At Fist Advance, it is our goal is to help individuals and businesses who need quick access to funds by using a process that is flexible for them. 

We like to deal with our customers in the most transparent way possible. We keep you in the loop at all times and offer no credit checks. At First Advance, we do not put any restrictions on our customers when it comes to the use of funds.  

We also understand that our customers who come to use for our expert services are in a position where they really need the money. For this reason, we do not have long waiting periods for the approval of your loan. 

If you’re having trouble getting a loan for your business because you don’t have a steady source of income? This problem could be solved by your fully paid-up property. First Advance will find a way to free up funds for your business by utilizing your property as collateral. To find out more about this service, please feel free to give us a call on 072 393 3559 today. Our team of professional staff members are ready to assist you with getting the cash that you need.


In whose name must the property be in?

The property must be in the name of a company or legal entity…… or you must be the owner/ director of a company.

How long do I have to pay back the loan?

The loan should be paid back within 1 year. However if you pay your monthly fees we can extend the term of your contract.

What is the cost of this type of Loan?

We look at a 5% interest or more per month.

Does my credit history affect my application?

No, it doesn’t. We value our risk based on the value of the property, not your credit rating.

Are there other securities that you would consider for the loan?

Yes we would consider a share portfolio or any other moveable assets like vehicles etc.



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