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Loan Against my Property

Lending against property is a great way of releasing sizable amounts of cash to help your situation. The property must be fully paid up (no bond, No encumbrances) This is a great way of unlocking cash especially if the property market is depressed and selling it is not an option. We have done deals of over 10million Rands.


  • Property has to worth over R500 000 (Rands)
  • Minimum loan of R100 000
  • Only a person owning the property in a Company, CC or a trust can apply
  • Maximum repayment is 6 months


In whose name must the property be in?

The property must be in the name of a company or legal entity and cannot be in a person or individuals name.

How long do I have to pay back the loan?

The loan should be paid back within 6 months. However if you pay your monthly fees we can extend the term of your contract.

What is the cost of this type of Loan?

We look at a 5% interest or more per month. Then there are other associated costs which are added to the fee.

Does my credit history affect my application?

No, it doesn’t. We value our risk based on the value of the property, not your credit rating.

Are there other securities that you would consider for the loan?

Yes we would consider a share portfolio or any other moveable assets like vehicles etc.


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