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This form of Lending is otherwise known as “Pawn” or “Title Pawn”. We will do deals on vehicles, trucks from R5000 to R5million ($400 to $350 000)

We also do asset loan deals on caravans, trailers, farm implements machines, and motorbikes. The value of these deals varies.

We have also done asset lending deals on boats and airplanes. The value of these deals varies tremendously, and these transactions can take more time as the storage and valuation element of the deal is more difficult to organise.

We offer loans against assets in all of our neighbouring states.

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Can I Pawn any vehicle?

Yes you can. As long as the vehicle is fully paid up and registered in your name.

What type of vehicle can I pawn?

You can pawn any type of vehicle, as long it is registered in your name. we have done deals for motorcycles, cars, caravans, bakkies, boats and trucks. Even farm vehicles eg. tractors and earthmoving equipment like front end loaders, excavators and dump trucks.

How do I Pawn my vehicle?

First, you send the details required on WhatsApp to get online approval. A consultant will then call you and set up a meeting to value your vehicle. At the meeting will present you with the amount of money he is prepared to lend to you. If you agree you will sign a contract. You will hand the vehicle’s keys over and the consultant will transfer the loan amount via EFT. The consultant will drive the vehicle to our safe storage facility.

What documents do I need to pawn my vehicle?

You need to provide
● Your ID
● Proof of address
● Original registration document
● Service book if you have
● Keys

Can I lend money against my boat in Maputo?

Yes you can. We will need to value the boat and confirm its ownership. We also will need to find safe a storage berth for it.

How do I Pawn my Caravan?

Similar to a car, you need to fill in our online form. A consultant will arrange a meeting to value the caravan and verify your documentation. If you are happy with the loan amount for the caravan you will sign a contract. The consultant will then arrange cash or an EFT to be paid to you. The consultant will then take the caravan away for safekeeping. When you have paid us our fees and our capital back we will return your caravan to you.



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