This is a marvelous product that really helps the consumer!

Basically, we loan money to a client and then take title to the vehicle, truck, earthmoving equipment, caravan, or motorbike. We then let the client use the vehicle for the period of the loan. Unfortunately, this product is only available in South Africa.

This type of Loan is extremely risky to us the lender. The reason for this is we are giving our surety back to the person to who we gave the loan. Unlike Pawn or lend and park we are potentially exposed to the risk of the client selling the vehicle or hiding the vehicle and not paying us. It also could depreciate the vehicle tremendously if the client does not look after the vehicle and drives it roughly or doesn’t look after it and maintain it properly.
This is a product that my ex-partner and I brought out from the UK and USA for the first time to South Africa. In those countries, it’s called Logbook lending or Title Lending. We in South Africa have called it Pawn and Drive or Pawn your Car and still Drive it. We generally call it Lend and Drive as Pawn and drive can be construed as a misrepresentation. You may also be interested in our other services; Asset Lending, Property Lending, Bridge Finance Loans and Pawn my Boat.

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How do I Qualify for Lend and drive?

Lend and Drive is a risky model for us. We need to be certain you can pay your fees every month. This is why we have to conduct a full audit of your income and expenses to make sure you can afford to do this deal. We also check your bank statement to make sure it shows affordability. We install a tracking device into your car so we can monitor the safety of your car and so we can see where it is if we have to repossess it due to non payment.

What do you need to qualify?
  • ID book
  • Original vehicle registration paper
  • Proof of earnings or Salary slip
  • 6 months bank statements
  • Proof of residence
  • Drivers license
What vehicles can I use for the Lend and Drive?

You can use any car, truck, caravan or motorbike. The vehicle must be completely paid up. You or your company must be the rightful owners.

How does the process work?

Firstly, you would contact us and one of our consultants will take you through what you need to bring. We would then meet you at our offices or at a place of your convenience to assess and value your vehicle. We would then tell you how much we can loan you. If you are happy with everything you will sign the contract. We will then arrange that a tracker is fitted to your vehicle. Once this is done we will pay you via eft, or cash if you want. It’s so easy it can be done in a morning!

When you want to settle the loan, you simply pay us the capital amount and our interest. We remove the trackers and give you your registration papers back.


How do I qualify for Lend and drive?

For this type of loan, we have to assess your financial position carefully. This is a high-risk deal for us the Lender. We will check your bank statements to make sure you can afford the monthly repayments.

You also must own your vehicle completely in your own name or be able to get all your directors in your company to agree to the loan. The vehicle must be unencumbered i.e. it must not be owned by the bank or any other entity.

What does it cost?

The interest on the loan is 24% pa plus the extra costs which we will discuss fully with you before you do the deal. These include tracker installation, vehicle title registration, insurance, warranty on the vehicle and surveillance. Please note these extra costs do make the deal expensive.

How long is the loan for?

The loan is typically for one year however you have the choice to settle the loan after your first month or at any time thereafter.



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