Can I get a loan against my car papers?

Our motto at first advance is to help the client and help them fast! We provide a loan against your car papers! We operate in all cities in South Africa, with our head office based in Johannesburg. If you have a fully paid-up vehicle, we can help you raise cash against it, and we allow you to still keep it! So, unlock your asset value and give us a call today!

How can I get a loan?

A pawn and drive loan is a way you can lend money using your car or any other asset as security. Firstly, your car must be fully paid up. i.e. the vehicle must not be financed.

Secondly you must be able to pay the monthly fees, so we need to see your pay slip or proof of income and/or your bank statements. You need to send us the necessary documentation and then we set up a meeting to view your car and sign the paperwork. Whilst we are doing that, we will do a mechanical assessment of your car and fit trackers to your vehicle.

Then we pay you and you get to drive away with your car. It is as simple as that!

Expensive is a relative term. However yes, this is a relatively expensive short-term loan that you are taking. It is also very risky for us to allow you to still drive the car we have taken as security, so there are extra costs involved to do this deal. Speak to our consultants at our head office in Johannesburg for a better understanding what these fees are.

Yes, it is. You are not leaving your vehicle at a pawning company, so you are able to look after it. You are still in control of your asset. We believe you should keep your own property.

You need to make sure however that you are able to pay the monthly fees we charge. The last thing we want is to repossess the vehicle. This will be expensive for you and something which we always try and avoid.

We allow any vehicles or assets that have a valid registration document. These include boats, motorbikes, cars, bakkies, trucks, earth moving equipment (front end loader, excavator, dump trucks) and farm vehicles (tractors). We even try and do deals on caravans for you!

What are the benefits?

Its quick!

It’s easy to qualify!

Its flexible! You can settle after one month or a year.

And the biggest of all is you get to still drive your car!

 So, if you’ve got cash issues and you can’t borrow from the bank or your family and friends, come to us for help!

First Advance is one of many ways you can access cash. If you own a vehicle in Johannesburg or anywhere in South Africa and it is registered in your name or in a company’s name that you own, we can unlock the cash in that asset. And you still keep it!

Try us and you will see we go the extra mile to help you with your cash flow issues.