Lend and drive – something new in Centurion

Pawn your car and still drive it in Centurion or “Lend and Drive” as it is sometimes called, is a lending practice that has its roots in the UK and the States where it is called “Logbook lending” or “Title Lending”. It has been used as a legitimate form of lending the money using a vehicle as a security for over 30 years.

In order to qualify for this Lend and Drive type of loan, you have to own your vehicle outright. In other words, you cannot have any finance on the vehicle. You do however have to show you can afford this type of deal.  Unlike pawning where affordability is not as important.

  • What vehicles can I pawn and drive?

You can “Pawn and Drive” most vehicles as long as they are in your name.  Motorbikes, cars, farm vehicles, trucks, and earth-moving equipment. We will even look at deals on boats and caravans.


  • Is it safe to do pawn and drive?

Yes, it is. As long as you are able to make your monthly payments this form of lending is safer than say pawning where the lending company keeps your car. This way of lending lets you be in control of your property which gives peace of mind to you the owner. You get to keep it!


Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to lend money from friends and family. Sometimes you need cash fast for something you weren’t prepared for. These things happen in life, to most people.

When you have to unlock cash against your asset in South Africa, First Advance is committed in helping you. We will find the best way to lend money against your assets. Our attitude is to tailor-make a solution for you.

So, if you have an asset and you need money, please call our Centurion branch today!