Pawn your car and still drive it

Pawn your car and still drive it is a lending product that allows you the consumer to borrow money against your asset.  This includes assets like cars, motorbikes, trucks, boats, tractors, earthmoving equipment and even trailers and caravans.

What is the difference between pawning and this form of lending? You get to keep your asset during the period of the loan.

Pawn and drive is a new concept in South Africa but it has been in existence for 30 years in the UK and the USA.



How do you benefit from this?

The biggest benefit is that you get to keep your car or asset and still use it! It is after all your property. This is incredibly important to people who still need to use their asset. Imagine having to walk your children to school without your car!! Pawning does not give you that option.

We are fast and efficient. If your paperwork is in order, we can pay you out in a morning!

With First Advance there is no issue whether you want to settle after a month or after a year.

Raising cash on your vehicle is sometimes the best option if you don’t want to sell your vehicle outright. This will unlock asset cash value!

At First Advance we keep your papers until you have paid us back, quick and easy and then life goes on as it was.

First Advance helps people all around South Africa. There is always a consultant available, and you don’t need to be near me in Randburg to get assistance. We strive to help you quickly and discreetly with an internationally recognized lending method that allows you to unlock cash and still drive your car! Don’t delay, get a loan against your car papers now!

What do we need from you to pawn your car?

This form of lending involves a little more paperwork than a pawn deal, you need to provide us with proof that you are the owner of the vehicle. We need to make sure you can afford the monthly payments.

Here’s our list of what we need from you:

  1. Valid vehicle registration papers
  2. 6 months’ bank statements
  3. Proof of residency
  4. Drivers license
  5. Proof of income (3 months’ payslips)

Contact one of our consultants at our Randburg branch if you have any more questions.