What is Pawn and Drive? 

Pawn and Drive is a relatively old method of lending against an asset that has recently been brought in from overseas. It has been used as a proven and easy method in the UK and USA to loan money against your car papers and unlock asset wealth.

Sandton’s Pawn my car and still drive it a method of lending is superior in every way to the conventional pawn method of lending as it allows the person lending the money to still have the use of their vehicle!

What documents do I need to qualify for the Pawn and Drive deal?

You will need:

  • Vehicle’s registration papers
  • Drivers license
  • Photos of your vehicle
  • 6 months bank statements
  • Payslips of proof of income
  • Proof of residence

What is in it for me?

Massive benefits of still using your car!

For people that need their vehicle to make money; get to work; take their kids to school, there is no better way to lend money against your car. For many people it is not possible to do the traditional pawning deal where one has to leave the vehicle with the pawn company.

So, if you need cash quickly and discreetly and you are not able to source the money from your bank or your family and friends, then we at First Advance in Sandton are here to bridge the gap and help you get over your cash flow issues.

How long is my loan contract for?

Your loan will be for 1 year however you may settle it any time as long as it is not less than one month. We also do not charge any early cancellation fees.

I can recommend this product to anyone who has a short-term cash problem. It’s an easy method of overcoming a cash strapped situation. It is not nearly as cheap as conventional methods of lending; however regular banks are incredibly difficult and long winded to qualify for a loan. So, if you have a fully paid up car and have no other options of lending, I would recommend the Pawn and Drive or Lend and Drive model! Contact our Sandton branch now!

Director of First Advance