Pawn your car and still drive it is a South Africa product that is based on a UK product called Logbook Lending. It is also used in the USA and is called Title Lending and also Lend and Drive. In a nutshell this is a loan where you use your own vehicle as security. The difference is you get to use your vehicle during the period of the loan, yes you can still drive it. Lend and Drive is a safe method to unlock asset value on your vehicles for cash. As long as it is your property we can assist you in getting cash to pay your bills.

Simply call us at our Pretoria branch.

One of our friendly consultants will request documents from you that will assist us in making sure you qualify for this simple and easy deal.

This is what you need;

  • Current registration papers
  • Drivers license
  • 6 months bank statements
  • Pay slip if you are an employee
  • Proof of residence
  • Pictures of the vehicle

If you qualify for the loan, one of our consultants in Pretoria will set up a meeting with you to sign our contract and inspect the vehicle. We will also put a tracker in the vehicle and do a mechanical inspection. Once this is done, we pay you and let you drive away in your car.

We understand that there are events in one’s life that demand us to come up with extraordinary amounts of cash. Generally, this is only for a short period of time. Sales people sometimes know that they will receive their commissions in 6 months.

However, you need cash immediately. This is when you have to unlock the cash in an asset. You can sell the asset or you can pawn it. Both of these methods are good ways of getting cash, however with First Advance we can unlock the cash value of the asset and you still keep it!

This makes life a lot easier, and when you have settled the loan you get your papers back and can carry on normally again.

1)      If I own my own small company how do I prove I can afford to pay the monthly installments.

So, if you don’t have a salary, we will have to look at the profitability of the company you own. We will also need to verify the company documents to make sure you are the owner of the company. We will then assess your bank statements for the past 6 months that you have provided us with and make sure there is enough money at the end of every month to be able to still live, and also to pay us.


2)      Can I use any paid-up vehicle to get a loan?

Yes, you can. If the vehicle is really old and not worth much it will be impossible to give you a loan as the cost of doing the deal is expensive. What we have to do is the following; fit trackers, take insurance, do the title transfer of the vehicle and pay for a warranty. Insurance and admin fees needs to be included as well. We also do deals on a range of vehicles not just cars, for example trucks, bakkies, motorbikes, earth moving equipment (front end loaders, excavators, dump trucks), farm vehicles (tractors), boats, caravans and even airplanes.

At First Advance we can help you in Pretoria and all over South Africa but unfortunately not in neighbouring countries. There is always someone near you to assist you. We all have money problems, don’t feel guilty. What you need to do is make a plan to get out of the issue you find yourself in.  Our Lend and Drive product is one option which can help. We loan against your car papers in a way that you still have the use of it. This can really help when life is tough, and the last thing you need is to lose the use of your car by pawning it.